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We reward our regular customers with Discount Vouchers

Simply complete our online Feedback Form after your first order and get a Discount Voucher

By registering with Direct2Print you are taking the first step to a new and better way of obtaining your printing.  You would achieve consistency of service and price – wherever you happened to be located.

By registering as a Premier Club member your loyalty is rewarded and you would be guaranteed the most competitive prices with loyalty discounts with voucher codes ranging in value from 5% to 20% off the net printing cost.

Direct2Print online digital printing is ideal for home-based workers without access to good printing equipment who need to regularly prepare and send  important quotations, proposals, tenders or important marketing literature. 

There are two main categories of membership:

1. Premier Reward Customers - This category of customer includes all customers who have previously placed the 50% Introductory Discount order.  An ongoing discount of 5% off each subsequent order placed in the same calendar year and on the sole condition that you complete and return the online Feedback Evaluation after each order has been completed.  A voucher code is sent on receipt of the Feedback form.

2. Premier Gold Customers – When you have placed FIVE orders or more in the same calendar year you will automatically qualify for 25% discount on all further orders and become a Premier Gold Customer.  A new voucher code will be sent when you qualify for the Premier Gold Scheme.

To pre-register for either option complete and send your details.  We will send through a voucher code after your first online order.

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We Reward Our Regular Customers With Discount Vouchers

  • 1. Premier Reward Customers

    50% discount introductory order, 5% off each order placed after.

  • 2. Premier Gold Customers

    When 5 orders are placed within one calendar year, you will receive 25% off each order after.

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