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We strongly recommend you take advantage of our FREE TRIAL OFFER before placing your first order to test the order process system and quality sample of the printed page.

You will need to convert your digital files to PDF format.  We only supply FREE TRIALS for uploaded PDF files.

If you do not have a PDF creator on your computer you should be able to download one from the Internet. One we have used is downloaded from

When you save the print driver on your computer it will become one of the printer options on the drop down File & Print menu. Simply select this option and check the settings (size etc.), decide where you want to save the PDF on your computer and then press Print. Your document is now converted to PDF and ready to send to us.

We will print off one or two pages and send them back to you by first class post.

You will be able to assess the quality of the print, paper and most importantly our professionalism–without any obligation whatsoever.

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